Our Philosophy

With our experience and skills we can help simplify and solve your needs with technology.
Our philosophy is to work with you to solve problems by formulating robust solutions.

Simulation and 3D Vision

Over 30 years of experience in Simulation systems and Vision systems. We can provide simulators for training, research or entertainment.

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Small Business Servers

COMING SOON - Our small business server helps simplify the journey from idea to a vibrant small business by streamlining your business IT needs into one integrated package that is easy for to use and manage with basic experience.

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Cyber Security

Our software and hardware solutions help monitor and protect your network as well as aid in improving IT traffic optimisation to create fast and efficient data flow.

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DIRS-Distributed Iot Recon System

Distributed Iot Reconnaissance System. A mesh network of sensors to see everything and everywhere.

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SEER-AV Autonomous Vehicle Env.

Develop and Deploy you own autonomous vehicle control systems to be tested and validated within our environment.

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COS Business Manager

Create and Manage Projects, Schedules, Tasking, Resourcing and Financing.

Vision Systems

Already with years of experience in AR, VR and multi-channel vision solutions. Saldo is able to create the 3D world and displays you need.

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